May Workshops

Friday May 13th 2016 10am-3:30pm 

Full day oil painting workshop

-Studio Landscape: Painting landscape from photo reference-

   Learn how to make the best of the photograph as reference. Learn what the camera missed and how you might best compensate. Some topics we will cover: composition, perspective, color mixing, atmosphere, progression and recession.

Many photograph landscape prints will be here in the classroom for your use or bring your own. 

Cost $35- all painting levels welcome.

Friday May 20th 2016 10am-3:30pm 

Full day oil painting workshop

-Painting the traditional still life: Light on form, a study of value and color-

   Learn how to paint the classical still life and discover the power of light and shadow. From the stage setting importance of composition to the use of clean color. This workshop will build your understanding of color, value, composition and techniques.
Four still life set ups provided. 

Cost $35- all painting levels welcome.

Friday May 27th 2016 10am-3:30pm 

Full day oil painting workshop

-Painting the floral from life: Decoding the complex-

   Solving the problem of complexity presented by the floral subject matter. From the placement and block in stages to the finishing use of thick paint, we will discover the importance of movement, flow, texture, color mixing and quality of paint.

Four floral set ups provided.

Cost $35- all painting levels welcome.

To sign up please call Justin at 970-214-5885 or email

Visit the workshop's webpage at


Supply List

 (This is a recommendation, not a requirement.  Please contact me with any questions):

Easel A portable one.  French easels work well because of their versatility.  They can be used standing up or on a table.
Notebook for notes
Odorless turpenoid or odorless mineral spirits (with a jar)

Paper towels
Bristle Filbert Brushes. Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
Jewel makes an affordable, good quality bristle brush. Available at Jerry’s Artarama.
Palate knife- Liquitex #15 small
I use a piece of glass glued to a neutral toned board.
Painting surface
Canvas or Masonite with two coats of gesso, lightly sanded.
or Art stores sell prepared panels and canvas' that work great.
Paint (These are the paints I use, brand is less critical to me than having a nice variety of color)
*White (Permalba)
*Burnt Sienna (Rembrandt)
Ivory Black (Rembrandt)
Olive Green (Rembrandt)
*Yellow Ochre (Rembrandt)
*Ultra Marine Deep (Rembrandt)
Terra Rossa (Windsor & Newton)
*Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Windsor & Newton)
*Cadmium Yellow Pale (Windsor & Newton)
*Viridian (Rembrandt)
Phthalo Green Blue (Rembrandt)
Quinacridone Rose (Rembrandt)
Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Yellow Deep (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Red
Windsor Violet (Dioxazine) (Windsor & Newton)
Permanent Green Light (Windsor & Newton)
*These are the most used, so I recommend buying them first.